What makes Kent Company the experts in poultry processing? The firm is a pioneer in the manufacturing of rubber de-feathering fingers for use in chicken or turkey processing machines. Because Kent Tomlinson established Kent Company in 1944 – back before any competitors – clients have trusted Kent Company now with Dolly, Kent’s wife, at the helm, far longer than any firm of its kind.

Installing the original poultry plants, Kent Company began modern poultry processing, and it’s been used in the United States and other countries ever since. As the go-to firm for clients’ needs, Kent delivers the highest quality poultry fingers, poultry cutters and poultry saws. Working with the same rubber manufacturer for three generations, Kent consistently delivers a fresh, flexible product. Using natural rubber, Kent makes the highest quality chicken fingers fresh weekly to clients’ specifications. The fingers, always molded to customers’ specifications, are packed in plastic bags to give them a longer shelf life.

Kent Tomlinson is remembered fondly throughout the poultry processing community as a “doctor on call,” a partner who traveled to any client who needed rubber fingers in an emergency. And for the past 20 years, Dolly has been at the helm as a marketer, communicator and protector of the brand. Dolly is happy to quote you a competitive rate on the product line. Simply call toll free at 1-800-521-4886. Dolly looks forward to working with you.

Best Regards,

Dolly Tomlinson-Sales

Kent Company